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Defias Pillager gold for WoW Classic Hardcore US (US/NA/OCE). Buy WoW Defias Pillager Gold available for Horde and Alliance factions.

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  1. Select your faction (Alliance or Horde)
  2. Select Gold Amount
  3. Insert Character Name
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By default, we deliver by mail. If you have other preference (direct trade (Face to Face – F2F), Auction House, CoD or items), please contact us once a payment is sent.

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Defias Pillager Realm Info

Buy Defias Pillager Gold

Buy Defias Pillager Gold

Defias Pillager is a PvE, english speaking WoW Hardcore Classic US (America & Oceania) Server. The name of this realm is inspired by the Defias Pillager. Check more about the status of Defias Pillager server here.

Defias Pillagers are a notable enemy faction in World of Warcraft (WoW), primarily found in the Westfall zone, which is part of the Alliance’s leveling experience in the Eastern Kingdoms. They are members of the infamous Defias Brotherhood, a criminal organization led by Edwin VanCleef.

Origins and Lore: The Defias Brotherhood was originally a group of skilled stonemasons who were hired to rebuild Stormwind City after the First War. However, they were betrayed by the kingdom’s leadership, who refused to pay them fairly for their work. This betrayal led to the formation of the Defias Brotherhood, a group of disgruntled workers turned bandits who sought revenge against Stormwind.

Defias Pillagers: Defias Pillagers are a specific group within the Defias Brotherhood known for their aggressive tactics and role in the organization. They are often armed with ranged weapons, such as crossbows, and are known for their willingness to attack travelers and Alliance members on sight. They are responsible for various criminal activities in Westfall, including theft, extortion, and arson.

Quests and Encounters: Defias Pillagers play a central role in the Alliance’s leveling experience in Westfall. Players encounter them as they progress through the zone, and many quests involve dealing with the threat they pose. Notable quests like “The People’s Militia” and “Red Leather Bandanas” require players to defeat Defias Pillagers and collect valuable items from them.

Edwin VanCleef: The Defias Brotherhood’s leader, Edwin VanCleef, is a central figure in the lore of Westfall and the Alliance. He was responsible for the construction of the Deadmines, a dangerous dungeon in the region. Players eventually confront him and his loyal followers in the Deadmines dungeon, culminating in a memorable encounter.

Impact on Westfall: The presence of the Defias Brotherhood, including Defias Pillagers, has a significant impact on the storyline and atmosphere of Westfall. The zone is depicted as a once-thriving farmland brought to ruin by the criminal organization’s activities. The plight of Westfall and the struggle against the Defias Brotherhood are central themes of the zone’s storyline.

Cultural Significance: The Defias Brotherhood has become an iconic part of WoW’s lore, and their symbol, the red bandana, is instantly recognizable. Their story serves as an example of betrayal and the consequences it can have on individuals and society. Players often feel a sense of satisfaction when they thwart the Defias Brotherhood’s plans and bring justice to Westfall.

In summary, Defias Pillagers are a notable faction within the Defias Brotherhood, serving as antagonists in the Westfall zone’s storyline. Their criminal activities and connection to Edwin VanCleef make them memorable adversaries for Alliance players as they seek to restore order to the troubled region.

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