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Rattlegore gold for WoW Classic United States (US East). Buy WoW Rattlegore Gold available for Horde and Alliance factions.

How It Works

  1. Select your faction (Alliance or Horde)
  2. Select Gold Amount
  3. Insert Character Name
  4. Submit a payment. Receive the gold.

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By default, we deliver by mail. If you have other preference (direct trade (Face to Face – F2F), Auction House, CoD or items), please contact us once a payment is sent.

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We are extremely fast during work/online hours. During our online hours, it takes approximately 15 minutes for us to deliver your order (and then 60 minutes to receive the mail in-game).

If we are not available right away, delivery can take a couple of hours (never more than 24 hours!). All Rattlegore Gold purchases are covered by our Refund Policy – if you do not receive the service within a day (24 hour period) of payment, you are entitled to a full refund.

Rattlegore Realm Info

WoW Classic Rattlegore Gold

WoW Classic Rattlegore Gold

Rattlegore is a PvP, english speaking WoW Classic United States (NA/US East) Server. The name of this realm is inspired by the boss Rattlegore. Check more about the status of Rattlegore server here.

Rattlegore is a character and boss encounter in the original version of the online game “World of Warcraft.” He is associated with the Scholomance dungeon, which is located in the Western Plaguelands zone. Scholomance is a dungeon that was designed for high-level players and features a mix of challenging encounters, unique lore, and valuable loot.

Here are some key details about Rattlegore and his significance in the game:

  1. Location: Rattlegore is one of the bosses found within the Scholomance dungeon. He is located in a section of the dungeon called the “The Reliquary.”
  2. Role and Encounter: Rattlegore is a large skeletal abomination, a powerful and fearsome undead creature. The encounter with Rattlegore is one of the challenges players face as they progress through the Scholomance dungeon.
  3. Abilities: Rattlegore possesses a variety of abilities typical of a formidable boss encounter. He has a frontal cleave attack that deals damage to players standing in front of him and can summon Rattlegore adds to aid him in battle.
  4. Loot: Defeating Rattlegore and completing the Scholomance dungeon can reward players with valuable loot, including armor, weapons, and other items.
  5. Lore: Rattlegore is part of the storyline within Scholomance, which delves into the dark and twisted magic practiced by the necromancers and scholars of the school. The dungeon’s lore ties into the overarching narrative of the Plaguelands and the Scourge.

We also provide additional services for WoW Classic Rattlegore server like Powerleveling and Accounts

Rattlegore Accounts – We cover and support all races and classes, level 80 and below for the Rattlegore server.

Rattlegore Powerleveling service – Powerleveling for Rattlegore. Customizable options, 1-70, 1-80, 55-80 and 70-80.

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